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Affordable Crane Rentals That Keep Your Business Moving

Industrial crane services and rentals from our Montana locations, allow you to afford-ably operate a more productive business. Hogan Corp. Services' modern fleet of cranes and rigging allows us to lift anything you need moved. Our cranes have boom lengths of up to 320', allowing you to find the perfect crane rentals that fit your specific job.

Your rental includes an operator for hourly, daily, and monthly crane services. Here are some of the many crane rentals we have available include:

• Boom-truck (22-Ton Capacity)
• Grove® All-Terrain (40-Ton Capacity)
• Link-Belt® HTC-8675 (75-Ton Capacity)
• Link-Belt  RTC 8050 II (50 Ton Capacity)
• Link-Belt HTC-8690 (90-Ton (Capacity)

• Link-Belt LS 218 (100 ton Crawler Crane)
• Link Belt
® All-Terrain (130-Ton Capacity)
• Link Belt® All-Terrain (165-Ton Capacity)
• Link Belt® All-Terrain (200-Ton Capacity)
• Link Belt® All-Terrain (275-Ton Capacity)

Transport Capacities

• 4 48'' Step Decks
• 50-ton Low Boy

• 75-ton Low Boy

• 32' Pintle Hitch with Ramps

Rigging Capacities

 • Pneumatic Jack (100-Ton Capacity)
 • Spreader Bar (10-, 20-, 30-, and 40-Ton Capacity)
 • Hilman® Rollers (40-Ton & 60-Ton Capacity)

• Porta-Power Station (40-Ton Capacity)
• Forklift (3-Ton Capacity)
• Rig Mats and Crane Mats Weekly Rates


Hogan Corp Services is a full service Crane & Transport Company! Any object you need lifted, moved, transported, and/or stored we can be of assistance to you. From initial professional consultation to job completion we aim to please. We offer free on site job consultations when necessary. Before each job we will send a quote so that you will know the cost of the project at hand. Then we provide our timely professional service to complete each job safely and efficiently. In our fleet of top of the line equipment we have crawler cranes, hydraulic cranes, semis and trailers up to and including heavy haul capabilities, Jack and Roll systems, hydraulic lift jacks, and much more here at Hogan Crane & Transport.

Contact us in through out Montana, at (888) 809-9412 for more details about the crane rentals we have available.